when you dont have enough money to pay for daycare AND dog sitting


This by far the most fucked up post on the internet.

I want to change my icon to something ~halloween~ esque, but lbr here, ken cosgrove with an eyepatch is costume enough

LEVERAGE 4.07 - The Grave Danger Job

 ↪ “The man put me in a coffin, Nate. A damn coffin.”

To Catch AThief - Italian poster detail

To Catch AThief - Italian poster detail

You said there was only one person in the world who could surprise you, turns out there’s two. “ 


if there is actually going to be a zombie apocalypse i will:

  • take car
  • go to mum’s
  • kill phil
  • grab liz
  • go to the winchester
  • have a nice cold pint  
  • and wait for all this to blow over